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With More Than 15 Years' Experience

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VP, Head of Digital

2014-2019 – I reported to the head of marketing and responsible for leading the prototyping, testing, building and optimizing of all web and native mobile applications for marketing engagement campaigns, sales enablement products, lead generation capabilities and loyalty based self-servicing experiences.

Responsive Websites

Scalable Digital Platforms

I was hired to improve OppenheimerFunds’ digital capabilities and experiences for advisers and investors. That meant establishing a consistent, scalable, and reusable platform to allow marketing to more easily promote products and other thought leadership while instituting efficiencies within product, UX and engineering teams.  The project was a major success and helped expand the firm’s digital presence to international markets in less than half the time it normally would take.


  • #1 DST “Top Website: Digital Engagement”
  • #2 Market Metrics “Top Industry Website”
  • WInner: Gramercy Institute Strategy Award for Personalization
  • MFEA Star Award “Financial Adviser Website”

Designed by: Mark Sokoloff

Marketing & Advertising Campaign

Smart Beta Factor Derby

The Smart Beta Factor Derby was an innovative way to educate financial advisers on the benefits of factor-based investing while raising money for charity.  Advisers created a horse, picked factors they felt would positively impact future investments, thus beating the Russell 1000. The winner with the best return % was given $25,000 to donate to their favorite charity.


  • MFEA Star Award
  • FCS Silver Award

Designed by: Mark Sokoloff

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Marketing & Advertising Campaign

Globalize Your Portfolio

Globalize Your Portfolio was an award-winning advertising campaign that was created entirely in-house.  It highlighted the team’s talent and ability to produce exceptional interactive experiences.  Product management, UX and engineering worked as a pod to design, develop and launch this experience in six weeks.

Designed by: Mark Sokoloff | Diego Molina

Products & Tools

Portfolio Analyzer Tool

The digital team, under my leadership, took on much larger, more complex products in-house, such as the Portfolio Analyzer Tool. The tool was designed to help advisers conduct a deep analysis of their clients’ portfolios.  However, the business benefit, besides driving sales, was to gather business intelligence.  Data from advisers’ input would help make decisions on current trends in the industry.

Designed by: Diego Molina

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Director, UX & Product Management (2010-2014)

I worked for Amex for 10 years and built a reputation as a true change agent, someone who can create a vision/strategy but also execute. As Director of Product Management (2010-2012) my role was to figure out why customer satisfaction was declining and fix the core journey (including UX and capability development).  In late 2012, I was asked to build an internal UX and Innovation team that could not only reduce cost but create game-changing experiences at exceptional speed.  Here are just a handful of marketing, e-commerce, and self-servicing examples that the team developed.

Lead Designers on the Team:

Amex iOS App

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